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Paulina Kilarska

was born in Cracow (Poland). She is a graduate of The Royal University Collage of Music in Stockholm - the harpsichord class of prof. Mayumi Kamata and prof. Ulf Söderberg.

In Sweden she gave concerts with the Camerata Nycopiensis. In the year 2000, having finished her exams, she moved to Germany where she completed her education in postgraduate solo hapsichord studies under prof. Ketil Haugsand and postgraduate chamber music studies under prof. Konrad Junghänel at The Music Conservatory in Cologne. Paulina Kilarska has participated in numerous master classes held by such renowned artists as Lars-Ulrik Mortensen, Jaques Ogg, and Jesper Bøje Christensen.

Additionally to alla polacca, she performs with the ensembles La Dolcezza,Capella st. Lamberti Oldenburg, Kantaten Kammerorchester Düsseldorf and Aurora Musicale.

In addition to her activities in ensembles and as a soloist, she is also employed by harpsichord builder Dietrich Hein in his workshop for historical keyboard instruments where she carries out various repairs and regulations on harpsichords.