Ensemble alla polacca

alla polacca alla polacca was founded by three music graduates who came together at the Cologne Conservatory.

Since winning the first place in the Concerto Barocco 2004 (Wuppertal, Ger), Alte-Musik-Treff 2004 (Berlin) and Gothaer Reihe Historische Musik 2004/2005 (Göttingen, Ger) competitions, alla polacca has enjoyed an active concert schedule, having received invitations to perform at many established festivals, including the International Handel Festival (Göttingen, Ger), Musikfestspiele Potsdam Sannsouci (Germany), Stockholm Early Music Festival (Sweden) Barockfest Münster (Münster, Ger), Festival des Cathédrales de Picardie (France), Merano Festival (Italy), Beethovenfest (Bonn, Ger), Musica Antica a Magnano (Italy), Early Music Festival (Warsaw, Pol), Ekhof-Festival (Gotha, Ger), Festival de Música Antiga de Tiana (Spain) or Festival Concentus Moraviae (Czech Republic).

In addition to that the ensemble has performed in such renowned concert halls as Musikinstrumenten Museum (Berlin), Cologne Philharmonic Hall, Liechtenstein Museum (Vienna), Luxembourg Philharmonic Hall.

alla polacca already recorded for the Polish Radio the West German Radio and for the Bavarian Radio as well.

alla polacca is focused primarily on 17th and 18th century vocal and instrumental music. Depending on the requirements of the repertoire additional singers and instrumentalist occasionally join the ensemble, accordingly.


  1. March 2004 - 1. prize in the Wuppertal Music Competition Concerto barocco together with the gamba player Klas-Lennart Spies.
  2. June 2004 - 1. prize in the early music competition Alte Musik-Treff in Berlin together with the gamba player Klas-Lennart Spies.
  3. January 2005 - 1. prize in the Gothaer Reihe Historische Musik 2004/2005 in Göttingen together with the countertenor Franz Vitzthum and the cellist Leonhard Bartussek.